Under the Glass, HVW8’s Creative Class

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Miami Art Week had a lot of parties, a lot of looks and a lot of corporate sponsors trying to get in on the art scene.

That’s why HVW8 Gallery’s Creative Class stood out to our team. Held outside of the Miami Beach vicinity, they presented five artists Atiba Jefferson, Kilo Kish, Lisa Leone, Ines Longevial and Brian Lotti at their three day exhibition at Miami’s historic, Jewel Box. The standout feature all five artists: all five had their first shows with HVW8.

Second to that, the team worked with adidas and Sonos, in a way that was subtle, including the brand as patron of the arts and not some culture vulture (which we witnessed plenty of throughout our time in Miami).

We talked with Tyler Gibney, one of HVW8’s founders, about Miami and about their mission with HVW8.

Sarah Bahbah ‘F*CK ME, F*CK YOU’ opening night photos














A few photos by Grant Spanier of the opening night of Sarah Bahbah‘s ‘F*CK ME, F*CK YOU’.

More photos on our Facebook page

Exhibition Runs until Jan. 21st.

A Pop-Up Exhibition by Sarah Bahbah

A Solo Exhibition by Sarah Bahbah
Opening Friday, Jan 12th, 7 – 10pm.

Please RSVP at sarahbahbahvip.splashthat.com



96″ x 45”
Birchwood Float

Sarah Bahbah’s FIRST EVER solo exhibition in Los Angeles!

Known for her explicit transparent exploration of the internal voices of young females, Sarah Bahbah’s raw storytelling style, depicted as film stills, delve into themes of love, pain, indulgence, and coming of age with her particular brand of feminine ennui. Displayed in major art exhibitions around the world, admired by celebrities, celebrated in global publication, and with a cult-like following on Instagram, her social cause of women finding freedom in self-love is achieving worldwide reach and impact. Culminating in 2015’s, ‘Summer Without A Pool’ series through to 2017’s ‘This Is Not For You’ series, @sarahbahbah is now one of the most shared accounts on Instagram.

Works Featuring:




Daily Access: Saturday, Jan 13th – Sunday, Jan 21st (closed on Mondays)

Time: 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm daily

Location: HVW8 Gallery – 661 N Spaulding Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Live in Concert Jan. 4th 2018


‘Creative Class’ Miami Art Week Video

Thank-you to all the artists, attendees, participants and performers for this year’s ‘Creative Class’ at Miami Art Week.

IMG_0886 IMG_0874 IMG_0838 IMG_1106 IMG_1098 IMG_1097 IMG_1090 IMG_1088

IMG_0633 IMG_0604 IMG_0502 IMG_0491 IMG_0473 IMG_0465 IMG_0454 IMG_0447 IMG_0433 IMG_0425 IMG_0423 IMG_0411


Creative Class Miami Art Week


After Class



Inès Longevial – ‘Sous Le Soleil’ at HVW8 Gallery

Opening night video of Inès Longevial exhibition ‘Sous Le Soleil’ at HVW8 Gallery.

Video by Tony Camero

Kilo Kish ‘Fullfillment’ Video – HVW8 Gallery

Article from Vogue

Kilo Kish may be better known for wearing oversize suits than frilly dresses, but her new interactive video project for “Fulfillment,” a standout from last year’s Reflections in Real Time, proves that the rapper can pull off menswear staples and full-on gowns equally well.

Kish shared a new website designed by Empire Taste that allows the viewer to flip between four different security camera feeds of HVW8 gallery in Los Angeles. Each one depicts a different angle of Kish dancing and singing in a vintage pink gown, belted with a black ribbon that matches her long satiny gloves. HVW8 is currently housing an installation by Kish, who is also a visual artist. Of the video’s voyeuristic framing, Kish says that “watching security footage of someone alone in a big white box asks the question, ‘How do we find and define fulfillment in our digital society?’ ” So ponder the social behaviors of our current technological moment and admire Kish’s vintage pink gown by watching the clip below, or head to the website to take it in from every point of view.

Jean Jullien x Rodney Mullen

Rodney Mullen and Jean Jullien chat about the social aspect of art in pop culture and where commercial art lives within skateboarding. Artwork featured from Jean Jullien’s ‘Duet’ exhibition with Jean André. More at https://www.juxtapoz.com


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