Jean Jullien – Poor Traits Opens March 27th at 7pm.


Jean Jullien – Poor Traits Opens March 27th at 7pm.

email for further details.

Atiba Jefferson: Lonely Wanderer – HVW8 Opening Hong Kong


WOAW and HVW8 Present -

Lonely Wanderer
Atiba Jefferson
with HVW8 Gallery pop-up

Monday, March 16th
6:30 – 9:30pm

WOAW store – 11 Gough Street, Sheung Wan, HK


Atiba Jefferson: Lonely Wanderer

Skate photography can be limited by its environment: incandescent street lights, pedestrians, and handrails among other urban barriers. This particular craft compensated for these obstacles and maximized action and consequently took the form of fisheye perspective, oblique ground angles, and wide panoramas. Contemporary practice has become so perfected that street images have attained a studio finish of painstakingly perfected lighting and dramatically staged composition. Atiba Jefferson, beginning as a self-taught hobbyist photographer from small town Colorado, entered the field at this pivotal moment becoming a major influencer in this aestheticization of digital skateboard photography.

Andrew Reynolds suspended in mid-execution of his Frontside Flip in Vancouver surrounded by an innumerable wall of ragged spectators is frozen at the apex frame, decisively timed and impossibly composed. This image has since compounded Reynold’s mythologization, and in turn, lives in the collective experience of what it feels like to watch someone “land it.” It’s also a reminder that there’s still an instinctual value and awe with using photography as a way of preserving an ephemeral, and for a lot of viewers, culturally monumental moment. Atiba has since photographed an impressive range of individuals of athletes and musicians who have attained a status of iconicity: Kobe, Animal Collective, Michael Jordan, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Tony Hawk, Tyler the Creator, Future Islands, RZA, Derrick Rose, Run the Jewels, Battles, 2 Chainz, Mark Gonzales, and so on.

What is more baffling is how someone arrives at the opportunity to photograph these people from such disparate industries; for Atiba, these occasions often occur out of chance rather than will. A backstage “hey” activates a network of social dominoes that eventually results in the moment when Explosions in the Sky’s Munaf Rayani holds a guitar ritualistically to the crowd, irradiated by beams of light and covered in a cosmos of photographic grain, in a way that speaks to the shimmering/shattering gliss of the band’s music. Commercial or recreational, each image demonstrates the skill needed to render the particular affect of that instance and the attention necessary to convey the something of an innate quality of a person’s identity.

Atiba derives his practice from his subject. Panda Bear’s Lonely Wanderer, with its cascading keys and mantric vocals repeats, “If you…Look back…Would you…Look back…What have you done…Have you done…Was it…Was it Worthwhile.” Similarly, Lonely Wanderer can be taken as a persistent, reflective, and fragmentary self-interrogation of achievement as communicated through the people that Atiba meanders around.

Atiba is a photographer living and working in Los Angeles. He has served on the editorial staff for Transworld and is one of the founders of The Skateboard Mag. He shoot campaigns for Supreme, adidas, Panasonic and the LA Lakers. He plays keyboards in a band called The Goats & The Occasional Others and co-runs a bar in LA. Lonely Wanderer is his third exhibition at HVW8. He has previously shown at HVW8 LA and HVW8 Berlin.

Sergej Vutuc & Rich Jacobs, Agathe Zaerpour & Philippine Chaumont Opens March 12th, Berlin





March 12th, – April 4th, 2015

Opening Thursday, March 12th at 7 – 10pm

HVW8 Berlin
Linienstraße 161
10115 Berlin

Madsaki Opening Night










Thank-you to everyone that came out to the opening night of Madsaki’s ‘Please Don’t Spit On The Painting’.

Also thank-you to Asahi Beer for the support.

More photos of the opening night on HVW8′s Facebook page.

Please email info(at) for any artwork inquires.


Parra at Kunsthal, Rotterdam



Congratulations to long time HVW8 Friend and Artist, Parra, on his new 10 year retrospective exhibition at Kunsthal Rotterdam Museum. Opening this Saturday, March 7, 2015. Amazing work!

Madsaki opens Feb. 27th, 7 – 10pm.



February 27th – March 22nd, 2015

opening 7 – 10pm, RSVP at :


Atiba Jefferson Interview


Interview with Atiba Jefferson by Chris Danforth.

I first heard the name Atiba Jefferson in relation to the skate scene in Los Angeles. Over the years, Jefferson has had access to a who’s who of not only skating, but music, sports, pop culture and more. Whether sitting in on a Henry Rollins photoshoot and quietly clicking the shutter through a long lens, or being commissioned to snap portraits of the Jumpman himself, Atiba has accumulated a wealth of experience during his tenure as a photographer and multi-creative. When speaking with Atiba, there was a lot to cover, as you can’t place his work into only one silo. In this sense, he seems to be a caricature of the modern creative; being well-versed in multiple creative mediums.

How did the HVW8 exhibition in Berlin come to fruition?

It came together at the last minute. I was in Berlin, working with Oakley on a new project, traveling with Sean Malto and Eric Koston, and they asked us to come over for a sales meeting. Tyler asked me to do it, and I was enthusiastic about the project, especially because I was already there.

So you knew him from LA?

Yeah, that’s the one gallery I show at in LA. So I’ve done a couple of shows at his gallery in LA and stuff like that.

Do you have other relationships with galleries like that in the States where you only want to show at one particular gallery?

I don’t regularly show my work but I do have a friend whose group show I’m always trying to be a part of. And then smaller stuff but I only started doing solo shows after I met Tyler.

What about the name of the exhibition? Could you explain that as well?

Titles are always a little bit tricky to come by. I’ve been listening to “So Long, Lonesome,” this Explosions in the Sky song. They’re an instrumental band – pretty big in the U.S. They’re one of my favorite bands actually. I saw them on their first tour in 2000 or 2001, and they were playing to some four people. Now they play huge festivals, in front of eight to ten thousand people at a time. The funny thing is, I was backstage at the Fuck Yeah festival in LA, and the dudes in the band were passing me. They called out to me because they knew who I was. I turned around and recognized them as well. After that we became really good friends.

Read More HERE


Also Atiba Jefferson on NOWNESS

Jean André Interview


Excerpt from Jean André Article

by Chris Danforth

En route to HVW8 Art + Design Gallery in Berlin, I was chewing over the years I spent listening to Ed Banger releases. Admittedly, I definitely had a higher level of familiarity with So Me – Jean André’s predecessor as art director at Ed Banger – before speaking with Jean himself that is, who was hosting an exhibition in the intimate gallery setting in the city’s Mitte district. You may expect to receive virtually zero facetime in circumstances like these, given the way that PR people, writers, photographers, fans, and myself, will be pooling around an artist, however, Jean obliged conversations effortlessly, entertaining all those to take an interest in the visual offerings that night. So Me was practically synonymous with Ed Banger at a certain time and presumably following up on his role would entail certain challenges. Jean André seems to have strode confidently into his new position, while bringing a singular and unique approach that would not presently indicate a total overhaul of the French record label’s artistic aesthetic.

Check above in the slideshow for a custom illustration done for Highsnobiety by Jean André.

What’s up Jean? How was Art Basel Miami?

Art Basel was great! Constructing a full exhibition in 4 days in a new city is always a big challenge to me. I had to deal with the furniture we brought, the supplies which didn’t show up because of shipping from Los Angeles, the display of the adidas x HVW8 shoes that I worked on with Kevin Lyons etc… It’s super motivating.

Would you describe yourself as a sneakerhead? What is your relationship with streetwear? 

I think I have like 5 pairs of shoes. I’m not a super fashionista, I do not collect sneakers or any apparel, and I don’t go to fashion week. I wear what fits me, that’s pretty much all I care about fashion. Actually, I have a cool collection of white Apparel T-shirts and Zara pants.

You often work with Kevin Lyons, what is his role in your life?

Kevin is a friend and a great advisor, kind of a brother/mentor. He has a great deal of experience in this crazy art/exhibitions/collaboration game.

What about HVW8 Gallery?

That’s all about Tyler Gibney. He is a great guy, he believes in me and was the first man to suggest that I travel to show my drawings. HVW8 has some great artists that I have followed for years, so I feel great to be part of a cool move like this.


Read more HERE

Atiba Jefferson ‘So Long, Lonesome’ Opens at HVW8 Berlin

atiba flyer5

Photographer Atiba Jefferson presents his first European exhibition ‘So Long, Lonesome’ at the HVW8 Berlin gallery.

“This show is special because it’s the first time showing a solo show in Europe. I have shown a lot of my older stuff before but for this show I really wanted to show a good amount of current stuff. I’m a big fan of the things that I shoot, I feel that all the people I shoot are not alone in their drive to do great things and they all are amazing individuals from all different walks of life. I’m lucky to photograph them. ”

- Atiba Jefferson

Atiba Jefferson (b. 1976) is a Los Angeles based photographer. Internationally known for his sports, music, lifestyle, and skateboarding photography, his work can be seen in a wide variety of publications and commercial projects.

HVW8 Berlin
Linienstraße 161, 10115 Berlin, Germany

with support from adidas

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photos David Cabrera


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