JJJJound ‘Correspondence’ video

Video with Justin R. Saunders (JJJJound) discussing his ‘Correspondence ‘ exhibition at HVW8 Gallery

JJJJound is a wordless blog by Justin R. Saunders. Originally a mood board shared with friends, it has since become a global mainstay and daily web visit for designers, tastemakers and fans alike.

One of those friends is Claudio Marzano, whose creative partnership with Saunders dates back to 1993; twenty years over which their obsessive consumption of visual culture has shifted from print to screen, in step with the rise of the Internet.

Countless emails containing nothing more than images taken from the world wide web were sent between them over that period.

CORRESPONDENCE is an exhibition of recent emails, reproduced as 4′ x 6′ oil paintings, by commercial artists offering “competitive labor costs” from the Wushipu Oil Painting Village in Xiamen, China.

Justin R. Saunders grew up in Lahr, Germany, before moving back to Montreal in time for some high school shenanigans. Enjoying the finer things in life, a fervid aesthete, Saunders created the JJJJound photo blog in 2006.

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