Remembering The Deer aka J-1/Jovan Coleman

HVW8 Records release party – El Cid, LA

HVW8 Holiday Party at the Gallery  2010
Snoop Dogg – Wonder What It Do video shoot (prod by HVW8) with J-1 and KRS-1
HVW8 Music Showcase with Master Blazter and Hawthorne Headhunters in Austin TX.
Condolences to the family and friends of The Deer aka J-1/Jovan Coleman, who sadly passed away in Sweden.

J-1 was family to HVW8 and recorded podcasts including the Super Sessions 2 which would turn into Master Blazter.

He will be remembered for his love of music, the music he left and being a good friend.

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Solid State Los Angeles


At Funkmosphere, Culver City

From our HVW8 music space downtown Los Angeles.
Super Sessions Live Podcast
photos Max and Tyler G.


Computer Jay, J-1 and D-F stepped the game up with a “more funk than jazz” Super Session recorded live at the HVW8 Art + Design Gallery. This grew into the group Master Blazter. Master Blazter demonstrates how the LA modern funk and boogie scene is starting to bubble and come together. This was the first time that these guys played as a group and it was a completely improvised session in front of a intimate crowd at the HVW8 Gallery. More to come.

Master Blazter Mix-Tape
Super Sessions 2 (Original Podcast of Master Blazter)
Live At The BBQ featuring J-1

Master Blazter live at the HVW8 Gallery

Master Blazter and Dam-Funk, first live performance at the Natural History Museum, Los Angeles, June 5, 2009





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